Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Isla Guadalupe Expedition Update 8.18.2008

Opening Day at the most spectacular white shark dive site on the planet.

For 16 lucky Shark Divers, one very excited dive crew, and Greg Grivetto owner operator of the MV Horizon this day could not have been any better:

Another amazing season here at the Island. We arrived to quickly discover we're the only vessel out here this week. Things started almost immediately, with the divers in the galley doing a dive briefing we counted three whites cruising around at 30 feet.

We'll try and surmise the day since it was filled with sharks. You'll be happy to know both Shredder now closer to 15' and Bruce who's just huge are both back on site again this year. We also saw a small y.o.y about 4 feet long. That guy didn't stay around for very long.

The animals are very curious slowly coming in for a look and swinging by a few more times on their way to other places in the area. For the shark divers this is what they have waited in some cases two years for!

We saw two full breaches today with sharks jumping completely out of the water and I cannot say we had a single shark rotation without animals. The divers are currently in the galley swapping images, drinking beer, and telling tall tales...you know the usual.

Tomorrow is another shark day, and we'll update you again, have a great night!

Captain Greg.

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