Friday, August 8, 2008

Sable Island Mystery - Revisiting a Shark?

We were speaking with the guys from Nat Geo Critter Cam this week and the topic moved from recent projects to one of our favorites, Sable Island.

There's an ongoing mystery surrounding recently dead seals that wash up along the shores here with predation patterns on them not seen anywhere else on the planet.

It's as if these animals have been "corkscrewed" to remove just the fat layer. So surgical are these attacks researchers at at a complete loss to even begin to ascertain what's killing these seals. Is this the work of a shark in the surf line?

Time and perhaps a motivated film crew or two will once and for all open this mystery up. For the money, we think it's a shark.

We also think it may be the work of an International Sub Aquatic Soap Mafia...but that's just the coffee talking.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I watched the show (Catching a killer) and can not see a Greenland shark inflicting the same wound to these seals every time, head first.The Greenland shark is lethargic and too slow. maybe we need to learn more about this shark?

Anonymous said...

I too watched the show and wondered why the shark was there, it removes a layer of fat and leaves the rest? Is that feeding or are they simply biting the seals in a territorial way and the seals die by slicing by spinning...
In any event what else are the sharks eating?Why aren't they eating the rest of the seal? Why didn't the crew go out and fish properly for the sharks? Trolling will cover vast expanses while these shore contraptions were pipe dreams. I'm from Nova Scotia, born on the sea, yet these folks seemed a little out of their element, should've brought a fisherman to catch a fish, no? In any case, I hope they one day, get their s_ _ _ _ together and solve this mystery without bankrupting our grants and funds with ill conceived plans in my opinion,
Jamie Sweet, BC