Wednesday, September 17, 2008

£9.5million Tiger Shark Underglass Anyone?

A Tiger shark in formaldehyde sold for £9.5million today.

What is wrong with the planet?

According to the one who bought this item it's called "Modern Art". We call it a travesty. O.K maybe that's a strong word, but you get the point...extreme displeasure.

The artist formally known as "The Undertaker", actually Damien Hirst, is known for putting all manner of wildlife in containers filled with strange liquids so you can view them in whatever dank and dark cellar you call home.

Kinda like a sick and twisted Limey version of Noah, except Noah let all his critters go from his O'ject D'Art-and they went on to propagate...that's if you follow the bible-this blog is exclusively non denominational.

So that's about it. A dead Tiger is now worth £9.5million in the U.K which in U.S dollars today is about 30 Billion or so.


Anonymous said...

Even worse is this isn’t the only shark under glass. There is a certain Hedge Funder who purchased Hirst’s original tiger shark done in the early 90s entitled “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living.” Even more of a travesty is that after the first shark started to decay, a second shark was commissioned (at a cost quoted to be “inconsequential”) to be caught & killed as a replacement.

Jupp said...

"A bunch of primates out of control" that's what Paul Watson calls it and I agree 100% with him. I would add one word: "decadent". Decadence preceded the decline of every civilization before us and now it's our turn.
Jupp Kerckerinck