Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Diane's Marines From Habbiniyah Iraq to Isla Guadalupe

The Marines are coming!

We're T-minus three weeks and counting to meet some of the coolest guys we know fresh back from their second tour in Iraq and looking to kick back with a few cold ones on the back deck. When we got the call a few months ago from Marine mom Dianne she asked us if we could show them a good time.

Our answer was "hell yes!".

To make these guys feel at home we shipped them a box of Shark Diver Schwag (see image) and a few copies of RTSeas documentary Island of the Great White Shark shot over the past three years at the island and featuring Mexican shark researcher Mauricio Hoyos.

To Diane's Marines - we loaded up some Cuban Cigars for you and we'll see you at the docks in a few weeks from now.

Let's go shark diving!

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