Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Devils Teeth-Ron Elliot-Who is He?

In the world of shark diving "originals" there's those who self-promote and then there's the true professionals.

Our world, that of commercial shark diving, rarely pays homage to those who make a living not from these animals but beside these animals. They are without a doubt pioneers in every sense and becoming rarer as each year passes.

We would like to introduce you to one-Ron Elliot, right about now you're saying Ron Who?

Off the coast of San Francisco the Farallon Islands holds one of the world's largest populations of Great Whites. By large we mean simply massive animals in the 18+ foot class. This site is also a commercial shark diving site with limited success rates. While the commercial shark diving efforts are relatively new-a solo urchin diver Ron Elliot has made these cold, low visibility, shark infested waters his home for the past 15 years.

Ron's been diving this treacherous site without any protection into waters that he can see only 20 feet on a "good day" with predators that the rest of us would never consider diving with...without a cage. Recently a short documentary was made of Ron at this site. The visuals are simply stunning. Almost unknown to anyone outside the diving community here in California, Ron and this new documentary features underwater footage of these massive sharks as they glide past him on a typical day harvesting the urchins he makes a living from.

All for about $10.00 a pound.

Hat Tip: Shark diver Sean Kendrick for sending this in.


James Fallon said...

I have met Ron a few times out there over the years, you're right about being an original, he's also crazy in a good way!

Affordable Teeth Whitening said...

that is incredible! Personally, i would never have the guts to dive these waters without any protection at all. I believe people like that have a lot of courage which is a great quality in a person. My friend met Ron once and because i like sharks so much he told me all about it said he was a funny guy. I really do wish i had the courage to do what he does. To tell the truth im a little jealous of his life style!


kristybrandenburg said...

Wow!!! Would love to meet this guy. How do I find out more about his profile???
I truly admire him and what he does!!!!!