Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shark protestor hangs own skin on hooks-Tasteless

And THIS will save sharks?

No-it will not.

As the months grind on for the seemingly rudderless Sea Shepherd organization they continue to resort to more frantic, ill timed, ill advised "stunts" to raise awareness and ultimately collect money from donors.

The litany of outright fabricated news and bad eco theatre goes back a few years but the desperation in this latest stunt set in London is sadly almost palatable. This is an organization whose messaging has become more important than affecting actual change.

Darwin was right and Sea Shepherd is proving, in a most spectacular manner, that evolution is a fickle mistress. What you are seeing here is the death throes of an Eco Dinosaur who's time on this planet is coming to an inglorious end. Like the reign of the dinosaurs Sea Shepherds demise will be slow and sad to watch, but the first coughs, staggers and sputters are here.

Suffice to say the final days will not be pretty.

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Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you. Aside from the omg factor here what's the point?

Clearly Sea Shepherd has become lost when this is the best they can do to actually save sharks.

I would have been more impressed if they did a citizens arrest of an entire wedding party in China Town who was eating sharks fin soup.'s something novel, how about actually getting out on the ocean and arresting a few illegal longline vessels?

This act is not a protest it's cheap body mutilation for the media.

Anonymous said...

Hey... get your facts right before you open your mouth and insert your foot.

The cosmetic company LUSH did this... not Sea Shepherd.

Sea Shepherd has saved more for sharks from finning than you will be able to do in a hundred lifetimes. His organization is not about the message... it's about ACTION. Read the Sea Shepherd web site and look at the photos of all the activities in which they MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

How dare you criticize an organization who's captain and crew put their life on the line to protect the beings of the oceans...

If you actually knew what you were talking about, you would be in awe of Sea Shepherd. Paul Watson is in agreement with the idea of swimming with sharks, yet you have the audacity to belittle and criticize an organization who puts there lives on the line.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Wow, an "Angry Sea Shepherd Person", how novel. Let us add "Blind and Ignorant" to that as well.

May we suggest you do the following:

1.Look at that image again. You have to look past the freaky girl with the hooks in her back "trying to save sharks". Notice that logo? The one that says clearly "Sea Shep"?. Now, we're pretty sure that's Sea Shepherds logo there. See it now? We deduced they had "something to do with this" from that logo and from the zillion press releases saying so. Check with Google misguided one.

2.Look into the press release.The fact that Lush hosted this apalling event at their store? Shame on Lush. It's not cool and it does nothing to save sharks. It DOES cement the fact that Lush is as misguided as Sea Shepherd to marketing 101.

Freak shows do not convey lasting messages. You will not get Sympathy for the Devil (sharks) by skewering women in shop windows. This is a cheap and worthless one time stunt, nothing more.

Action? Paul Watson fabricated being shot in the chest this spring because of a lack of action on his part to save one whale in the Southern Ocean. We were once huge fans of your organization until that disgusting "moment of deception".

NO eco organization (non profit) should lie through its teeth to attract media to its cause or to attract dollars to its coffers. It's sad and wrong and takes away from the real slaughter's focus- only to then focus on the personal agenda of one Fat Man from Canada with an increasingly silly media team.

Please show us where Sea Shepherd has made a LASTING difference? Give us some stats, how many tons of sharks fin seized this year? How many actual whales saved? How many Seals protected? How many eco-laws pushed into action? How many White Papers submitted to world bodies?

It's all so grand isn't it? They are putting their bodies on the line for wildlife. Wow!

We're rapidly getting past that old and dusty playbook as the worlds wildlife vanishes.

If Paul Watson is willing to put out an arrest warrant for the entire Japanese Whaling Fleet-let's see some action guys, let's see you arrest every last one.

Or...was this just another cheap stunt to keep the press interested, and the dollars rolling in? They know they can never arrest even one whaler, but heck, it sounds great!

Eventually you lose credibility. Ask around-other NGO's worldwide think Sea Shepherd is an obnoxious joke, and that is the sad thing. Sea Shepherds mandate is an excellent one. They just got lost along the way.

Hey, it's a free world, you can rail all you want and believe what ever you want, but for gods sake, "Look-At-The-Image!"

RadicalOmnivore said...

"NO eco organization (non profit) should lie through its teeth to attract media to its cause or to attract dollars to its coffers."

But any close examination would reveal that the Save The Whale movement was always based on a foundation of lies: