Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Farallons White Shark Tours-Add One

On the subject of shark diving...looks like there's one more white shark watching tour option for thrills seekers here in Northern California, Silver Fox.

We got an email from a diver this week asking about these guys, our response was they are new to us. Great White Shark Expeditions have streamlined the experience and do not offer caged encounters, cutting the cost down to $275-125 for the day and relying on natural predations for the actual shark viewing. Other operations have cages, but they are not allowed to chum or tow decoys, so they too are relying on natural predations. We wish the new guys luck:

Witnessing a very large great white shark consume a 300 lb. sea lion can be a very dramatic experience. These particularly violent acts are as natural as the rising of the tide for the shark.During the Fall months (Sept – Nov), thousands of marine mammals migrate to the Farallon Islands, which are approximately 27 miles from the San Francisco Bay to breed and calve their young. This event attracts the largest great white sharks in the World. The Farallon Islands, located in the red triangle, are the known feeding ground for the great white sharks before their long Pacific Migration. We have had many dramatic encounters from great white attacks from the safety of the vessel. These events are purely natural and part of everyday life at these islands. This is an event that is truly unforgettable.


Robert Dennis said...

I got ripped off last year on a trip out to these islands. The cage diving company told me they had an 80% success rate, after speaking with the crew they told me they had not seen a single shark yet.

Watch what you pay for was the lesson learned.

Annie said...

Even though I'm only 13, I really want to swim with a shark, or at least see one up close in the wild. All my friends at school think I'm crazy, but I really want to! I would definitely be willing to pay that amount of money to be so close to a shark.

And one day I will!