Wednesday, September 10, 2008

National Aquarium in D.C- New shark pups

From Andrew at the National Aquarium in D.C this morning:

Hey Shark Divers,

You have one of the most active blogs I have ever seen! How do you find the time for all those entries?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that there are Swell Shark pups at the National Aquarium in DC, and we just wrote a blog entry about Cute Shark Pups

Thanks, talk to you soon!

Editors Note: The joys of the PDA. Blogging can be done almost anywhere and at anytime. We are often out of the office with ten minutes to spare in between meetings and work related our shark fans have come to discover you can cover a lot of ground in just ten minutes.

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RTSea said...


Yes, the blog keeps Patric pretty busy what with his own research and the submissions from other shark lovers. I don't think I could ever get my blog to match his for sheer content.

Congratulations on the new shark pups! My June screening of Island of the Great White Shark in Baltimore was a memorable success because of the great support I received from the National Aquarium.

Keep up the good work!