Monday, September 15, 2008

Hawaii Sharks-This Weeks Tiger Soup

Looks like Hawaii has a "Tiger problem". For us in the shark diving world a "Tiger problem" is completely subjective. To discover up to 15 large Tigers aggregating within a mile of shore is not a problem:

For the past week, up to 15 large tiger sharks have lingered along five miles of the Big Island's Kohala Coast, near the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, coming within 20 yards of shore.

Several beaches have been closed on O'ahu in the past two weeks because of sightings. And a shark attacked a surfer Tuesday at a popular Ka'a'awa surf spot called Crouching Lion.

There is no definitive reason why there are more sharks near shore, though experts suggest explanations ranging from shark mating season to clearer water — which increases shark sightings, even if there are no more sharks than usual.

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