Monday, September 1, 2008

Re-Casting Sharks-Suzannah

One of the strongest "winds of change" in the world of commercial shark diving has been the support and recognition of well respected NGO's for sustainable shark diving.

These "winds" have also been re-casting the image of the shark while highlighting the ongoing global slaughter.

What started as a whisper a few years ago in the lone pines of NGO forest has become a well rehearsed and continuing tornadic "Op-Ed of Pressure" to educate the public to the reality of sharks beyond the Jaws Mythos and foster commercial shark diving as a viable bridge solution to sustainable shark management.

Here's the latest example from Suzannah Evans from

Every summer, familiar headlines creep into the news: stories of sharks terrorizing beaches around the world, sending swimmers racing for shore with the ominous display of a dorsal fin.

The shark's reputation as a killer was sealed in the public imagination with the 1975 release of Jaws, a movie with imagery so powerful that the original book's author devoted the rest of his life to dismantling the character he had helped create. The shark in Jaws was a brutal, instinctive killer with a dozen rows of jagged teeth and a taste for human flesh. The bloodthirsty great white has become an archetype so pervasive that even a news story reporting on a harmless two-foot sand shark can't resist recalling the Jaws mythos.

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