Thursday, October 2, 2008

60+ Foot Giant Squids-Sea of Cortez

A while back we were chatting with Scott Cassell one of- if not the foremost squid expert-in the Sea of Cortez. He had just completed a show for the History Channel called Monster Quest.

The show was to feature what was then considered to be the first evidence of a 60+ foot squid lurking in the Sea of Cortez.

A 60+ foot squid people!

Now don't get us wrong, we loves our squidoos as much as the next all-shark-blog-all-the-time guys.

Unfortunately we had to wait for the footage of this one-time "holy cow encounter" to make it to You Tube on account our boys were wrapped up in a shoot contract. Have you ever seen a shoot contract?

Suffice to say there's a paragraph in there that talks about broken legs and lawyers if you so much breathe a word of the production ahead of time. Anyway-we digress so we can make some space between that cool squid image shot by us last week "fishing" and this video clip of the 60 Foot Monster Squid...this had better be good:

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Seal Luvr said...

Best show ever!