Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sharks "terrified" of actress Shannen Doherty

Actress SHANNEN DOHERTY "terrified" a bunch of sharks, says shark representative.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star went cage diving off the coast of Hawaii two years ago and "freaked out" the sharks when she hopped underwater and appeared "screaming like a loon" at the shark cage viewport.

The sharks representative tells Details magazine, "We couldn't breathe, we started having anxiety attacks, we couldn't stay out of her reach....she's a scary woman to look at you know?"

"Doherty was slamming against the cage; she looked so frickin' mean! Her leg slipped a little through the bars, and rubbed off a layer of my skin", said one shark. Since the encounter, the sharks in the region have refused to set fin back in the area: "We're just terrified now."

The following Underwater Onion was brought to you by Shark Diver. Yes we know S.D does not like sharks, but honestly...who cares?

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