Friday, October 10, 2008

Scuba Diving Magazine-Guadalupe Coverage

Editor Travis Marshall with Scuba Diving Magazine broke the Isla Guadalupe chumming controversy in September.

In the next few months more articles about this ongoing declaration and controversy with the MX Navy banning chumming at this pristine site will be forthcoming.

Our goal is to keep divers informed and direct the conversation into sustainable solutions. If this unique dive site is to survive and flourish cross border cooperation and unified direction will have to happen here.

The options for not doing anything are no longer available. As we have been blogging about for a while now, the commercial shark diving industry is linked. What happens at one site reverberates around the world to others.

The fate of the ban on chumming is being eagerly watched by proponents for and against commercial shark diving worldwide.


Greg Cox said...

Guys, we wanted to say thanks for taking the leadership on this one. For the most part we watched a few of the other operations out there deny this, slam on you guys, and basically pretend this was not happening. I also liked the fact one of them was claiming to have a sole permit to operate and the rest of the fleet was illegal this year. It's amazing what you hear.

You're absolutely right about the fact that this is big and that the operators should be working for solutions instead of behaving like greenhorns.

Keep telling it like it is. Those that are hiding behind the curtain on this one are looking dumber each day and the public is watching!

See you next year...I hope;)

Shark Diver said...

Thanks Mate,

We cannot speak for the others but there are some operations out there who have "busted a hump" on this one to get things done. The minority of operators have done little except for sitting on the sidelines and throwing mud via a few named proxies.

It's a house of cards and I think by now everyone has seen through it.

Now that has passed perhaps it is time to get to work?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Greg, it's time the operations got together out there.