Saturday, October 11, 2008

Shark Fin Du Jour-Sponsored by Yahoo! Inc

Our new weekly feature on Underwater Thrills:Swimming With Sharks is the "Shark Fin Du Jour".

It's a weekly look at the NYSE of Shark Fin Products on the Internet-Sponsored by Yahoo! Inc.

We will take you into the individual sellers listed on that site and introduce the top companies, what species they sell and how many thousands of pounds of shark fins they have for sale on the global market.

Today our Shark Fin Du Jour is Escualia Market Spain who can source a staggering 220,000 pounds of sharks fin per month:

Company Dedicated To The Purchase And Sale Of Frozen Shark Fin's In The Market Spanish (VIGO)


About 100, 000 KG monthly


The Chum Slick said...

This is a genius way to throw the spotlight on these evil bastards. I will be following this very closely. Good work, man.

Shark Diver said...

Hey C.S,

Feel free to use this but ensure the public knows this section is sponsored by Yahoo inc. They have invested almost a billion dollars in and still to this day refuse to take a green stand on this horrific investment in the dismemberment of animals for just 15% of the bio-mass.


They continue to allow sharks to be killed for just their fins and sold by the ton on the open market when they could easily ask their business partner to cease the sale of fins and squalene on a web portal they own a billion dollar stake in.

Shark Diver said...


There's room for two in this one, have at it, at last count I saw almost 400 sellers. We found one that sells whale shark meat and skin, gawd almighty, who ARE these people anyway?