Monday, October 27, 2008

The Shark Wrangler-Mercy

A respected "Gray Beard" in the industry sent us this link today. The Shark Wrangler

This is no joke, this guy is "The Shark Wrangler". Here's a quick look at his bio:

...And, though he wrangles them very much "hands on" even riding on top of them when necessary, he IS NO cowboy. Ken tries to promote responsible handling of and passive interaction with all animals.

By the way that's a vicious little Atlantic Sharpnose shark pup The Shark Wrangler's got there in his hands.

Just in case you doubted The Shark Wrangler's street creds. Lord knows we didn't.


M4 said...

Oh Ken. Props to you and your shark passion. Best of luck to you man. Now it's time to hire a web developer. The site screams Brian Fellow's Safari Planet. No ill will Ken... it's just time!

Shark Diver said...


Ken's an "instant classic" with his website, gifs and all.

Anonymous said...

Go Wrangler, Go Wrangler, go, go, go Wrangler!