Thursday, October 30, 2008

White Shark Cafe-SOFA-White Shark Cafe...

After what has seemed like a decade of tagging and tracking the Marine Conservation Science Institute has published data from it's multi-year white shark study at Isla Guadalupe.

Pete Thomas from the L.A Times got the scoop.

As a side note the battle between TOPP's and the Marine Conservation Science Institute for the naming rights to the mysterious terminus point these animals gather at each season has heated up with MCSI's addition "SOFA" (Shared Offshore Foraging Area).

We'll let you decide which name will stick:


2. TOPP-"White Shark Cafe"

Editors Note: We like both.


Anonymous said...

My vote-white shark cafe

Michael said...

Patric, where did you get that photo of breaching shark? The tips of pectorals are not it a mako?

Shark Diver said...

Dr.D we presume?

This shot was taken in and around 2005-6 and about a 10 foot animal at sunrise. I was there for the breach and we did not know that anyone caught it until one of our divers showed me this image. One of the best "hair trigger rail shots" I have ever seen.

Not sure what this critter is, by deduction one must assume it's either a Mako or a GWS there's nothing else out there 10 feet long.