Monday, November 10, 2008

White Sharks-Bill Wieger Sculptures

A few months ago we introduced you to Shark Diver Bill Wieger.

Bill's been out with us to Isla Guadalupe and Tiger Beach a few times and as it turns out got bit by the shark bug in an unusual way. Bill's an artist and his latest muse is a shark we have some to love at Isla Guadalupe called "Mystery".

Bill produces Mystery sculptures on a limited basis. His attention to detail and reproduction work is simply stunning. Bill has just returned from our last expedition this season Nov 3-8 onboard the MV Islander with what we can only imagine are more sculptures. They had a great trip and were treated to some of the largest sharks we have seen out there in a while.

Have a look at Bill's new website for all things sharky...just in time for X-Mas of course.

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RTSea said...

A couple years back I commissioned Bill to do a sculpture of my favorite female white shark, "Mystery", based on footage I had taken of her that year.

The end result was so spectacular it has become a recurring model in several of Bill's excellent pieces. It's available in different configurations and color schemes.

By all means, check out his web site!

FYI: I was with Bill on his recent Isla Guadalupe trip, shooting for a major publication, and will be posting follow ups on my blog (