Friday, January 23, 2009

International Conservation Caucus Foundation Ball

Had a long conversation this morning with the always excited Melanie Marks CEO of Shark Trust Wines about her adventures in Washington this week at the Obama Inauguration.

Turns out Melanie was front and center at both the swearing in ceremony and with the Washington conservation crowd at the International Conservation Caucus Foundation Ball where Shark Trust Wines were served to a standing room only crowd of conservationists and politico's.

For America's only wine brand that supports shark conservation efforts and raises awareness about sharks that was a pretty neat trick. Melanie reports that she is now out of wine in the D.C area for a while, another successful event and a unique way to get shark conservation efforts on the agenda in Washington.

We have been featuring Shark Trust Wines on all our commercial shark diving vessels since the brands inception. As a stand alone wine series they are excellent, as a back end way to message shark conservation efforts, brilliant.


Melanie Marks said...

Ah, Patric, you flatter me. I am the lucky one to have been in the middle of history! The Obama administration has a big job on many fronts and I want to keep ocean conservation actively discussed. Cheers, Melanie

Shark Diver said...

"Americas only wine brand that supports shark conservation"...think about that for a minute it's why we love you and what you do!