Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Please Do Not Adjust Your Set

It's official and thanks to the many who helped us get here. Our little accidental industry blog reached a milestone last week and turned 15K for the month.

We decided a face lift was in order to celebrate this unlikely event so here's the old/new Underwater Thrills:Swimming With Sharks. More changes on the way as we get some cool new widgets and banghoffers loaded up here.

For now, welcome friends, lovers, and the odd assortment of cranks who hate everything we have to say and yet...end up just copying us anyway. We love you too!

Editors Note: That very cool image up there? None other than Gabriel Beyrent shot that scene with filmmaker Richard Theiss behind the lens.


Sea Steward said...

3 cheers for sharks in the year of the shark

Tune in to a San Francisco shark conversation
Wed 1/28 KFOG RAdio at 7 Am with local rocker Mike Gibbons- who has the hit Sharks will Behave,
KTVU live TV at 845 and the pre screening openeing of City of the Shark- featuring an openng shot of a White Shark filmed at Guadalupe Island sponsored by SharkDiver.

Watch for the rock video and video analysis of shark tourism.
· 6pm: Guests arrive
· 6:30pm: Sevengill feeding
· 7:15pm: Welcome remarks by John Frawley or Darius Anderson, who introduces Mike Gibbons
· 7:20pm: “Chained to Change” acoustic performance by Mike Gibbons, who introduces David McGuire
· 7:25pm: David intros City of the Shark
· 7:30pm: Screening of City of the Shark
· 7:45pm: “Sharks will Behave” acoustic performance by Mike Gibbons
· 7:50pm: David introduces Christina; Q&A with David and Christina
· 8:30pm: Event ends
party at the hardrock cafe with Mike's band (mikegibbons.net) and a senak preview of the shark rock video at teh Hardrock Cafe after the Aquarium event!

Thanks for the support and shameless promotion.
After you have seen sharks, protect sharks.

Big Dawg Divers said...

Whoa cool site guyz!

Mandy Easton said...

Cooooool guys love this blog!

Greg Cox said...

Just got an email from Tim, nice site redo guys!

Hans said...

Welcome back guys quick change up, like I like it, more sharks!

DaShark said...

Hey congrats!

This is the coolest blog ever, and very very effective on top of that - may it live on for many many years 2 come!

Sarah and Stephan said...

Awesome image header guys, keep up the great blog you are my morning cup of shark.