Monday, January 26, 2009

Anti-Shark Diving Efforts? Still There

Over the years the commercial shark diving industry has done a magnificent job with the media. Aside from a few recent stunning set backs for our industry, for the most part, shark tourism is still viewed in a positive light.

That is until the anti-shark diving folks start playing the media game as well:

Stupid Shark Feeders in S. Africa

Video Post: Stupid people in South Africa sell the chance to jump into a cage for a cheap thrill while they tease sharks from the safety of a boat. These idiots take tourist to ’shark alley’ and tease these majestic animals. Sharks are the top of the food chain, and the operator is a jerk to tease them. If this is somehow appealing to your ego I’d like to knock your lunch on the floor; see how you like it.

What happens to the next diver doesn’t feed the sharks? Now sharks expect man to show up with fast food which might be a human life. I’ll bet these jerks taste like fish.
Take a look at what happens in this video. I can only hope the government of South Africa takes immediate action against the exploitation of Nature’s most magnificent predator before the next attack happens to kill out of total frustration. Not if, but when that days comes you will see how the media vilifies the shark… again. Who is really to blame for that death? It’s coming, just a mater of time. Sharks are patient unlike man.

Dateline NBC had the perfect opportunity to condemn these money grubbing jerks, but not a word about how stupid this is, no out cry for antagonizing the animals, nothing about the exploitation, nothing about what losers these so-call dive boat operators are. Once again MSNBC and Ann Curry drop the ball. Grow a pair Ann or go back to soft news where you belong.

Close call? Not for the shark, it was just bad luck on that day. Maybe next time luck will change hands, after all that is what it will take to stop this madness. One more example of how selfish stupid people think; they somehow have the right to do whatever gets them excited, no mater what logic tells us. Who gives them the right to profit this way? This is wrong, nearly dead-wrong for these adrenaline junkies and I hope you will make your voice heard. Please use social bookmarks to spread the word.


RTSea said...

This just ties in with comments that both you and I have made regarding the difference between responsible and irresponsible shark ecotourism, and in so doing, providing ammunition for the critics.

* Promoting shark diving as the adrenaline-rush, high danger adventure.

* An inadequate cage for protecting paying eco-tourists, not properly maintained (in need of repair after film crew usage).

* Unsafe bait handling, bringing the shark in direct frontal contact with the cage.

Accidents can happen, but shark ecotourism operators need to go the extra mile to limit the possibility because they are under a media microscope. For the long-term future of the industry, any publicity is not necessarily good publicity.

Shark Diver said...

One more case as well of media using our industry and the ultimately negative videos we provide for sales and advertising.

This event happened many years ago and yet here it is today.

Paul said...

Wouldn't it be considered torture to knock someones lunch to the floor? over and over? This boat was way out of line and probably not the norm. Abuse will happen. Responsible "ECO-tourism" would be; not bating the animal at all. Why should rec divers or film crews be guaranteed an encounter? Why should a boat crew feel pressured to produce a shark for ticket value? Aren't random acts of Nature enough? Thank you.

Shark Diver said...

Valid points. Our industry has many faults "cage breaches" like these being one of them.

On the flip side the passion generated by our clients towards sharks goes well beyond the negative effects of chumming.Divers are impacted in a profound way after encountering these animals.

We have a long way to go as an industry, but we are far from the dark ages.

Conservation, site preservation, and shark research are becoming the accepted norms at sites all over the planet.

It's starts with "One".