Friday, January 9, 2009

Ranting for a reason-Smiling at "Da Passion"

The gents over at Beqa Adventure Divers (Da Shark!) are never short on words when it comes to those who do questionable things with sharks. We also wondered about the merits of this brand of "shark science" having seen it as a stable "go-to experiment" on almost every shark show since the days of the "Flying Sharks":

Sharks have weak bites, say scientists.
And who gives a damn, says I.

I've ranted about it before, it just pisses me off to see rare and valuable scientific resources, and brainpower, squandered on such trivia! Does it get any more useless, wasteful and stupid than this?

Cui bono?

Is this going to save a single Shark from Extinction?

Because, and I shall never tire to repeat it, in 2009, the only possible justification for any Biological Research is Conservation. Funding is extremely scarce and hard to come by and just cannot be squandered on such frivolous and unnecessary projects, full stop!

Plus, I cannot even begin to try and fathom the ethics of "knocking out" big and threatened Sharks to then electronically stimulate their jaws - for Nothing! Guys, for crying out loud!!! What would you say if somebody traveled to China and did the same thing to an effing Panda???


Shame on you!


DaShark said...


"Panda Award"?

My vote would be for "IG Nobel Prize", in Economy (how to best waste time, intellect and money) or the like.
Check out!

Shark Diver said...

You get them all. When we rant it's non productive, not funny, and involves punchy arm movements that are often mistaken for advanced Parkinson's Disease.

We try not to rant all that often.

DaShark said...


Consider it a version of Tae Bo, to balance out yer curried coffee!
Same-same with the kava here!

I know yer sitting in California - but still, one can't be karmic all the time, right?