Monday, January 5, 2009

When Saying "Bad Shark!" Just Won't Do

We got the following email last month and sat on it a while. In the world of shark diving and on site protection from sharks there's a growing group of inventors and existing products out there. We have tested most of them from rare earth magnets, to Killer Whale sounds over the years.

This latest one need may need further testing...maybe Tiger Beach?

Hi Shark Diver,

I discovered your site through a link from
It's a great website quite with brilliant content. As true shark experts I'd love to know what you think of my product, it's a mask strap that can help you avoid a shark attack.

It might sound bizarre but it is based on scientific evidence, there's a link to this 'evidence' below. The idea was inspired by a report I read about Tiger attacks in the jungles of India. My website was launched last week and I'm really excited about it as I've been obsessed with sharks since a kid. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Warm regards,


P.S. A product for surfers will be out next week based on the same principles.

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