Monday, January 5, 2009

White Shark Scoop-Swim At Your Own Risk

The fine folks over the the Swim At Your Own Risk Blog got the scoop on another shark autopsy in New Zealand this week with biologist Clinton Duffy presiding.

Note:The pro drumline and net propaganda in the back of this image. Worldwide this 1950's solution to shark management is killing sharks at an unprecedented rate and is a major agenda item for pro shark conservation efforts:

If you happen to be in New Zealand this week, the Auckland Museum will be performing a public autopsy on a 9 ft great white shark on Thursday, January 8, in hopes to raise shark awareness.

The autopsy, or necropsy as it’s officially known, will be carried out by Clinton Duffy of the Department of Conservation Marine Conservation Section and Tom Trnski, Marine Curator of the Auckland Museum.

The operation will examine the shark’s stomach contents, as well as take measurements of organs. The public are invited to view the autopsy and come face to face with the shark from 11am-1pm in the loading dock at the south-eastern corner of the Museum.

I’d wait for lunch.


Gary said...

I dont mean to be a pain in the ass but that isnt anti shark net propaganda in the background. That pic is taken at Natal Sharks Board! It is a little bit more "pro-net and drum line ". Im sure the good guys over at sharkpark will agree that picture you have displayed there is pretty horrific and should be evidence to get all the nets removed for good!!!!
Keep up the good work guys you I love the blog

Gary - Scoltand, Uk

Gary said...

I cant even spell Scotland right!!

Shark Diver said...

Ach, Aye, Laddie!

You're dead on with that comment, our bad. Sometimes the thoughts come faster than the typing and we end up saying not what we meant.

This would be a good time to review the other 800 posts from 2008 and see what else "we said to mean".

Happy New Year Mate. Let's go make some changes, shall we?