Thursday, February 26, 2009

Goblin girl... on the plight of sharks on film.

I really liked the movie "Sharkwater". When I saw it, it felt like "Sharkwater" with it's action packed style, would appeal to a younger audience. Even I - who have always thought that Greenpeace's methods are a bit extreme - wanted to join Sea Shepherd's Captain Watson on his quest after seeing the film! Also a contributing factor why Greenpeace wasn't my cup of tea: when I was younger they mainly focused on cute animals, like seals and whales - not sharks.

Now that I've seen Joe Romerio's film clip, I'm more convinced that his style will talk more to politicians, than maybe "Sharkwater" did. "333-death of a deity" has a more suggestive - still very clear - way of hammering in it's message. And the footage is truly excellent, the music works well with the message delivered. VERY nicely done! I hope that it gets widely spread.


Shark Diver said...

Great film GG. Unfortunately the irony of that pro shark diving piece is not lost on anyone who knows this industry - and the players in it.

I will say this. We need more of these PSA's out there - about 200 more.

Any PSA affiliation with radical groups like Sea Shepherd kill your audience base that's just a media fact.

Where this piece did everything right was to leave the politics behind and focus on the subject, sharks.

The affiliation with Wild Aid was a slam dunk. They have built themselves as the defacto shark media and conservation guys.

Ray NZ said...

I liked sharkwater until the kid started getting on my nerves. The film went from sharks to a look at me story very quickly.

Also show me where in any science journal it says if we kill all the sharks we will run out of O2 to breathe. That was classic eco gobblegook that turned me off the film in the end.

Sarah and Stephan said...

The guys at 333 did a good job on that film is there more of that kind of work out there?