Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sharks - Dispelling The Myth of "The Myth"

This week angler, and kayaker, Michael Night decided after seeing several large sharks kayaking one day-to catch one.

The story that follows is a classic case of using the "shark myth shield" to do bad things to sharks. In this case after seeing these magnificent animals from a kayak, Mr.Night went about baiting, hooking and dragging one up a local beach, his reason?

Mr Knight caught this critter not only for "the sport of it" but to dispel the myths about sharks "I wanted to show people that they are out there all the time and they don't cause any harm," he said (sound of wet palm slapping forehead).

This statement boggles the imagination and is unfortunately much of the excuse we are seeing worldwide for humans conducting themselves in a manner with sharks that is abjectly inappropriate. The misguided attempt to dispel a nebulous "myth about sharks".

Next time Mr.Knight...grab a mask and snorkel instead.

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