Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cape Cod Great White 2004

Reports of a great white shark swimming in an estuary at Naushon Island on September 21, 2004 and the subsequent media storm that followed, was a highlight of the shark world that month. The back story to this incredible shark tale has never been told, until now.

This week reporter Jeff Harder dipped into the unlikely events of that September, when a 14' white shark was discovered, tagged and released almost 10 days later. Some interesting side interviews with Tom King of New England Sharks and Dr. Greg Skomal:

Staring in awe, Skomal mouthed an expletive. “It wasn’t a report. It wasn’t a rumor, you know?” Skomal says today. “It wasn’t a mystery fish . . . it was a 14-foot, almost 2,000-pound great white shark swimming in a salt pond, in an estuary, where people swim all the time.” The estuary was an ideal place for an up-close glimpse of the free-swimming female great white, which stayed until scientists coaxed her into open waters on October 4 of that year.

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