Saturday, March 28, 2009

Christie Fisher - "Schleprock" To You

Christie Fisher we miss you. This is one of her shots of Shark Fin Rock- a towering monolith guarding the entrance to Isla Guadalupes north point. Christie is one of the few shooters we have met that has captured this rock and the sharks of Guadalupe in ways that few can.

She is what we like to call an "organic shooter".

This week both Christie and Shark Diver are featured in the new book Travel Therapy by Karen Schaler under "Isla Guadalupe".

Christie has been AWOL from our adventures for a year now and every once in a great while we extend an offer-you-cannot-refuse to our long time friends and guests.

Here it is:

This blog post entitles the bearer (Ms Fisher "Schleprock") to one complimentary trip to Isla Guadalupe, Mexico in 2009.

Your sharks miss you, and we miss you. Dust off that camera gear and come and join us. We'll be waiting!


Unknown said...

Wow!! How can I refuse an offer like that?? Of course, I would love to join Shark Diver at Guadalupe this year - I REALLY missed it last year. I sure hope Shredder decides to join us. Thanks so much for the incredible opportunity! I'll email you to make final arrangements. Christie aka Schleprockfisher ;-)

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Huzzah! She's back!

I keep Shredder in the pool at my house to keep him safe, he'll be there;)

daniel said...

what about us your blog readers do we get free trips too?