Saturday, June 6, 2009

Isla Guadalupe Conservation Fund

In 2006 the Isla Guadalupe Conservation Fund website was launched to support ongoing Mexican lead shark tagging and research at this remote and pristine island.

Shark Diver created and initiated the website and outreach for this fund in conjunction with Nautilus Explorer, Horizon Charters and Islander Charters - three excellent and forward thinking commercial shark diving operations in the region.

The result today is over $70,000 in generated donations. The work needs to continue. That is why we're asking divers who have been to I.G and who have encountered the magnificent great whites at this island to consider donating to this fund today.

You can give back to regional efforts and make a difference. The sharks need you. Thanks to RTSea Productions for the video and to the many divers who have already donated to this fund.

Special note to Mike Lever of NEX who has tirelessly pushed for donations:

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