Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Shark Fishing Tournaments - June

The 24th annual Mako Mania shark tournament is ready to hear about the Shark Free Marinas Initiative.

Anyone live in the region?

As a reminder the SFMI provides regional conservation teams with the information and contact material you need to effect change at your marinas.

With a few clicks of a mouse you can send invitational material to join the SFMI and you'll have the staff at SFMI to help you with the media.

Shark tournaments like these are major financial boosters for their regions and should continue - this is not a protest.

Changing from a "shark kill" to "catch and release" is an easy way to go green and is good for offshore breeding aged sharks.

The organization behind the Mako Mania Tournament has a long history of green initiatives from artificial reef building to local scholarships.

If there was one shark fishing tournament that "understood green" these guys would be it.

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