Monday, August 31, 2009

Guadalupe Island - Rochelle's Adventure 2009

Rochelle F, just got back from an expedition to Isla Guadalupe with her father. Here's her trip report:

My father just turned 75. What better way to celebrate than to go diving with great whites?!

The crew was fabulous (can’t say enough good things!), the weather sunny, and the sharks plentiful. My dad and I had a great time in the cages making the acquaintances of Bruce, Mau, Flipkin, Bullseye, Geoff Nuttall, and five other sharks who were newer and not yet in the i.d. books.

At one point we had four sharks with us and everywhere we looked we saw a sleek sharks.


Being in the water with great whites was a lot calmer than I would have thought. This may have been due to the lack of a soundtrack. These sharks are true masters of their environment and it was fantastic watching them appear and disappear at will. In general they were very cautious and triple checked everything. One shark however, gave us several reminders of why white sharks are called ambush predators.

He would circle/hide under the boat and the cages before making a vertical rush at his prey in front of the cages, breaching half of his body out of the water in the process.

It was a fantastic trip that I would highly recommend to anyone considering it. Thanks Patric, for making it possible and for advocating for sharks around the globe!


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