Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bogus Anti-Cancer Chews for Doggies?

Here's the website link and here's the product description, selling the dried spines of Thresher Sharks as an anti-cancer treatment for your doggie.

"The Anti-Cancer Supplement from the Sea!"

The company, Canine Caviar should know better and now with your help they can. Please send a polite email today asking owner Jeff Baker to stop selling dried sharks spine to consumers.

Anti-cancer treatments from sharks cartilage was debunked, and double debunked back in 1994 for humans, it looks like they have re purposed this medical fantasy for pets.

With the prescribed chew dosage of "one a day" and an estimated 72 million dogs in the USA you begin to see how this market driven demand might harm sharks.

Please send that email today.

Canine Caviar Pet Foods
3100 Airway Ave
Suite 107
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel: 714.223.1800
Fax: 714.223.1801
Toll Free: 800.392.7898

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