Sunday, March 29, 2009

Q and A with Shark Diver - The Reef Tank

From time to time we do online interviews with unique websites.

Last week it was with The Reef Tank a website and online community devoted to the world of aquaria. Online articles allow us as a company to expand on who we are outside of our own website, and introduce others, who are perhaps not as understanding of our industry to a view of it.

Working with The Reef Tank crew was fun and kudos to Ava for reaching out. You may want to check this site out. It's in-depth look at the world of aquaria covers everything from fish to the marine geology of tanks - until last week we had no idea there was even such a thing marine geology in fish tanks.

This is definitely not your fathers goldfish bowl website.

Online Article

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DaShark said...

Thanks for mentioning Fiji!

We've not quite yet ascended to the perceived status of must-see - but we're working on it!

The animals are certainly helping: 40 Bulls on today's Shark Dive!