Friday, April 30, 2010

Rep Jon Riki Karamatsu - Chief Waffler

What a difference a few days can make.

As it turns out Hawaii's historic vote on a complete ban on shark fins was unanimous and the critical vote of Rep.Jon Riki Karamatsu went for the bill instead of against it...

...and then in a stunning display of "flip-flopping wafflery" Riki Karamatsu turned against the bill he just voted for and tried to kill it.

For one brief moment we had thought that Riki Karamatsu had
demonstrated real conservation leadership in Hawaii.

We of the conservation world dared dream that Riki might be the kind of leader who would listen to all sides of an issue but when it comes to issues about the environment, animal cruelty, and unsustainable practices Mr.Karamatsu would understand and act.

Sadly he's just a hack politico who will waver and waffle when important bills are in play pandering to whoever and wherever he can to get a vote or two.

DO NOT VOTE for this man in is race for the Lieutenant Governors seat in Hawaii.When the chips are down, Karamatsu is a poor choice for the oceans, the environment and Hawaii.

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