Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sea of Cortez - Predator Nursery

As word slowly leaks out of the Sea of Cortez, what started as a hypothesis, has now become a full blown four alarm eco disaster.

The oceans have a new super predator that has migrated into the top of the food chain. Where once tuna and sharks selectively culled, these animals indiscriminately destroy everything in their path. This is a prime example of predator loss upsetting the natural balance of our oceans and it is happening right now.

From RTSea Productions and the RTSea Blog:


DaShark said...

Welcome back buddy!

Would indeed be interesting to examine the correlation between the explosion of Humboldt Squid and the disappearance of California's Blue Sharks!

RTSea said...

We conducted some experiments and are planning more as to whether the Humboldt squid is bold enough to attack juvenile sharks - which would add to both the pressure on the sharks taken commercially and the squid's expansion.

A very basic and somewhat unscientific experiment had some disturbing results: sharks beware.