Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Audio Research Report from the Gulf Loop Current - 5.19.2010

One of the few research vessels operating in the Gulf region right now is the RV Tommy Munro from The University of Southern Mississippi.

Her current position is 250 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico conducting sampling transects of the Loop Current in an attempt to capture specimens of the larval forms of the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. This is one of the critical Gulf species most impacted by oil and dispersant chemicals.

Gulf Coast Research Laboratory GCRL scientists Jim Franks, Dr. Bruce Comyns, and Dick Waller are conducting the research.

“We’re concerned about the potential effects of the oil spill on this highly vulnerable species.”

A May 14 press release provides details.

After a two-day run to reach the Loop Current, an initial audio report was filed today by fisheries biologist Jim Franks. If satellite phone connections permit, audio reports will be filed daily.

Click here to listen.

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