Thursday, May 20, 2010

Save Our Seas Shark Conservation

Save Our Seas Foundation has been at the forefront of smart shark conservation messaging.

From their Rethink The Shark campaign (see toaster) to this weeks full page ad in the Times, their brand is one of audience curiosity matched with sharp messaging.


If you buy a copy of The Times in the UK today you’ll see an interesting ad highlighting the plight of our sharks and in particular the hammerhead shark whose population has declined by 99.99% in the last 200 years. The dramatic decline in shark populations worldwide is linked to the rising demand for shark fin soup in countries like China where it is considered a delicacy.

The Save Our Seas Foundation is working hard to stop the decline of our shark populations which are essential for healthy oceans. This is no easy task and requires a multi-faceted approach. From sponsoring pioneering research into DNA analysis of shark fins, to innovative media and awareness campaigns like our Rethink the Shark campaign, we hope to make a real difference in saving the sharks in our oceans. The advert in the Times depicts a 1970’s style cinema poster advertising the final performance of ‘Hammer’ due to unprecedented demand in China and is the latest in our ongoing struggle to get the dire message out to the general public – our sharks are in serious trouble.

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