Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mysterious 'corkscrew' kills dozens of seals on east coast

The Corkscrew mystery is back and we're not saying its a shark that is causing all the seal damage we're just saying is all.

Almost a decade after first reports of corkscrew seal deaths by researchers on the East coast not much is known about dead seals that wash ashore with a corkscrew pattern missing from the fat layer surrounding them.

And now dead seals are washing ashore in Britain as well, cue the mystery music please.

As a lot of production companies crawl through this blog trolling for ideas (we know you do), here's one that would make a great Shark Week 2011 episode and you may have it with our blessings:

Corkscrew Killers

We happen to have the show treatment already written out, the dive sites picked, and the research contact list...that's if you want it of course.

Further reading Corkscrew Killer Blog.

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