Thursday, September 2, 2010

2010 Shark Diving Report - Cage Diving at Guadalupe

For our divers 2010 has been the Trip of a Lifetime so far. Celebrated with email blasts to friends and Facebook posts to the world.

These lucky divers have met the most charismatic, studied, and filmed white sharks on the planet.

For newly minted Shark Diver Craig Reynolds, nothing but his own Great White Blog to recount his adventures this year would do:

Day 2 – NEW CHUMS – After loading the Horizon at 9pm, we are introduced to the Shark Diver crew and drown some seasickness pills with a Budweiser for the overnight voyage. “May cause drowsiness,” the label says. Then, just a quick stop-off to pick up some crates of fresh sardines.

There at the dock, a midnight circus ensues as the Pelicans, seagulls and seals all try to get in on the live action. After turning in for the night, we are rocked back and forth in our bunk beds below deck. For a while, it’s as if somebody is walking all over my waterbed. (If I still had a waterbed, I mean). The last thing I remember thinking is: this could be a very long night.

Morning arrives, and just like a kid on Christmas...

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