Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shark Pseudoscience - Juicing Tweaked Bulls

A challenge over at Southern Fried Science has us talking Bull this week.

Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) and testosterone to be exact.

A leisurely swim through the Internets murky back canals of sharky science reveals a plethora of quotes about testosterone and Bull sharks:

"Their aggression is fueled by testosterone. The bull shark has one of the highest testosterone levels of all animals."

"Bull sharks have the highest levels of testosterone measured in any creature, land or sea."

"No animal on earth has the testosterone levels of a bull shark, and that includes animals like the big cats of Africa, elephants, and grizzly bears."

Which has lead to a flood of online question from body builders, based on a video game (we could not make this up) about "juicing" Bull sharks for a cheap, fast, and legal(?) source of

Read about it here, and here and here.

In fact a Google search for "Bull shark testosterone sale" returns over 3000 results.

Is it science? Or like many shark related pseudo-cures is it just plain Bull?

As the brainchild for this online discussion seems to have been generated by a video game we're calling this one pseudo-Bull, and passing it on to the good folks over at Southern Fried Science in a pathetic attempt to get in on their latest science challenge.

Kind of like those paper-mâché volcano's you see at science fairs. Yes they look cool and all, but everyone knows you made it up at 4.30am the night before, when your bigger science fair project got eaten by your pet Bull shark...all juiced up and raging on testosterone no doubt.

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