Monday, October 11, 2010

Shark Diver John D Iles - In The News

One of the unintended consequences of commercial shark diving done right, are the legions of pro-shark advocates that go out into the world to change hearts and minds about media hit at a time.

One of these is newly minted Shark Diver John D Iles, who joined us in 2010 at Isla Guadalupe to meet the great white shark.

John got what he was looking for and became a true shark advocate, in a way that only those who have actually stared into the eyes of a great white can.

This week he appeared in the Star-Herald to talk about his first hand experiences with sharks, shark diving, and the need for conservation.

Here's an excerpt:

What upsets Iles more than “Jaws” is the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” programming.

“Shark Week is more of an enemy to sharks than ‘Jaws,’” he said. “‘Jaws’ is a movie and a work of fiction. When a supposedly educational network airs ‘Victims’ and ‘Worst Bite,’ it’s making it seem like ‘Jaws’ is true after all.”

Editors Note: Thanks John for the media and thanks for standing up for the sharks, we could use about 100,000 more just like you.

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