Monday, October 11, 2010

Andrew Fox - Shark Hero

Facebook was center stage last week for a story coming out of Australia and Rodney Foxes operation. A white shark named Strappy became entangled in a packing strap which was slowly cutting the shark in half.

In a first rate PSA by the Foxes they highlighted the need for cleaner oceans by featuring Strappy and the damage being done to him by one industrial packing strap. There was some talk of trying to cut the strap off this animal. No mean feat, as white sharks are notorious for not wanting to be touched.

This week The Dorsal Fin blog has the update on Strappy and a rescue operation that was successful. As it turns out Andrew Fox manged to release Strappy from his confinement and it is hoped that now this shark will live for many more years to come.

Kudos to the Fox operation for:

1. Providing an oceans PSA using Strappy as cause célèbre

2. Helping this animal at great personal risk

This is first rate work by a commercial shark diving operator who has lead the industry over the years.

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