Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Theiss Factor - Genius is Genetic!

Last week the shark world lit up with the recent results from a study that said sharks are color blind.

Take that Yum Yum Yellow believers, we know it has been a hard week for you, but heck science ain't here so you can come up with crazy shark myths.

For us the exciting moment in this study was not the study itself but the team behind it and one name that stood out like a beacon - Dr. Susan Theiss of the University of Queensland.

Could it be that this Theiss was related in anyway to another well known Theiss at RTSea Blog and RTSea Productions?

A quick phone call to Richard Theiss at his home in California confirmed all our suspicions, "Yup, that's my niece", said a very proud uncle on the other end of the line.

What is it with Theiss clan and sharks?

You'll note that RTSea Productions was behind Island of the Great White Shark an award winning look at both shark tourism and research working in tandem at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico...and now this.

For those of you who read Richards blog you'll also note the uncanny scientific manner in which he distills complex issues down to a readable and digestible format, a trademark blog style that has rocketed Richards readership to one of the top Blue Blogs out there right now.

They say "Genius is Genetic". In the case of the Theiss clan the world is better for smarts like this and the shark world is benefiting as well, one groundbreaking study, and one groundbreaking documentary at a time.


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