Monday, May 23, 2011

Hope for the Bull Sharks of Playa del Carmen?

We have been watching the unfolding tragedy in Playa del Carmen with great interest. Both as a object lesson in shark site development and as an internal discussion within Mexico as to the fate of it's sharks.

As you might recall a new shark site featuring Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) exploded onto the scene a few years ago with great fanfare. Shortly after, a series of regional takes by fishing interests surprised many.

These takes devastated the local shark population.

The good news is that these few animals did not die in vain as a new NGO, Xooc, has taken on this regional tragedy and has produced a mini documentary about it. The first step, and may we say, great step in protecting these animals.

Kudos to everyone involved, this is first rate work:

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