Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Oil Well Ownership Game - Environment Loses

Over at Sky Truth another well in the Gulf has sprung a leak, this time near Venice with enough oil to make the mainstream press.

Although the mainstream press does not seem to know where this "mysterious slick" has come from Sky Truth with the help of Gulf Restoration Network have pinpointed the slick to an exact well and uncovered the sad wells history.

As it turns out since this wells sidelining it has changed hands multiple times, with entities going bankrupt, filing for chapter 11, or sold to other entities.

In short a shell game of biblical permutations and one has to wonder, is this by chance, or by design?

With some 15 thousand early orphaned wells in the Gulf that do not produce major quantities of oil and gas but are still "active" and getting older, who owns a well when it starts leaking?

For the wildlife that interacted with this latest slick, they are the ultimate losers.

Keep following Sky Truth for the complete story and the Gulf Restoration Network for the great work with oil spills. If you want the facts of the Gulf and Gulf oil spills, these are your prime sources.

Images by Southwings.

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