Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Shark Photo Seen Around The World

Recently an image of what appeared to be a Great white shark stalking a surf lineup in California made headlines news.

What's not up for discussion is the shots providence. This is not a photoshopped image and we suspect the photographer, Gary Eliot, is earnest in his work.

But while the rest of the world plays eco chamber with the storyline of a Great white mixed in with surfers at least one marine biologist and California surfer is saying "wait a second."

This week Luke Tipple offers up a plausible explanation of what this image may or may not be.

When it comes to sharks and images of the Great white, only UFO imagery and video captures the imagination of so many and often the associated story lines are as imaginative as the grainy footage that accompanies them.

Read That's not a Great White Shark.

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