Friday, April 27, 2012

Celebrity Sharks Cages in Florida?

 Hell yeah, if the Shark Brothers have anything to do with it, and they do.

Hang on to your hats kids, get ready to be amazed and strap in because the Guy Harvey Catch and Release Shark Tournament is back in town and this time it's bigger than ever.

I know we said that about last years event, but this time it is even bigger than ever.

We remember back to the early days, the raised eyebrows, the not so discreet emails flying about, and hey what about that bunch of sharkies lurking at that picnic table? You guys still around? No?

Glad to see even the most hardened of you out there finally "get" what this grand experiment was all about, and thanks to MOTE Marine Labs for the support as well.

So here's to the third installment, the shark fishing madness, and to a new way of doing business for shark tournaments all over the world.

Oh, and yes we hear tell there will be a Celebrity Shark Cage on site, donated by the friendly shark folks from Shark Diver. Yes we have been fans, supporters and the kind of shark folks that like to see those who take big risks, those who try new things, those who are truly fearless when it comes to helping out shark friends.

You may not think a shark fishing tournament could help, but it does, and it sure beats a bunch of dead sharks on a town dump.

See you in Florida!


Anonymous said...

I'm somewhat saddened that you support this contest. I appreciate that at the VERY least its now a catch and release instead of a catch and kill, but it is well known that the catch itself decreases the possibility of shark survival after the release, if it survives the catch itself. I also appreciate the need for you to get your name out so you can reach more people and maybe these are the people you need to reach most, but I would think you would report on the contest but maybe not publish support for it. Just my thoughts.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

Thanks for the thoughts anon. I wrestled with the solution to shark tournaments for a few years. Fact is catch and kill is hard to stop if you're a conservationists and it's a battle you never want to fight.

So what to do?

Leadership away from catch and kill is a good first step.

I support a vast array of conventional and non conventional shark conservation methods.

You have to have a big quiver of arrows at your disposal if your going to tackle sharks.

Appreciate your sentiments.