Tuesday, April 10, 2012

James Dylan Shooting Sharks and Shredder!

Shredder at Isla Guadalupe 2011 (click on image)
In 2011 James D joined us at Isla Guadalupe and nailed some amazing white shark shots including this one of the island most photographed animal - Shredder.

We named Shredder in 2003 after he tore apart our anchor cable in a sneak attack that left the crew and our divers adrift in the sharkiest waters on the planet.

Fortunately it was the last rotation of the last day at the island (thanks buddy) and we headed home with a boatload of happy divers to order up several hundred feet of new ground tackle.

This image captures the electric water ripples across his broad back and damaged dorsal fin that reminds us every day out there who is the site boss.

If there was a way to express our love for this unique and endearing animal it would be through first rate images like these taken by our divers who have traveled all over the planet to meet these amazing animals.

Well done Dylan!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome shot Dylan!!

Anonymous said...

Nice shot Dylan!!