Wednesday, April 4, 2012

RTSea Status on U.S. Shark Conservation

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If you're in the mood for first rate analysis on the complex issue of shark conservation, management, media, the place to go is the RTSea Blog.

We feature unique blogs like RTSea for a reason - great thought.

This week Richard wrapped up Washington Posts environmental writer Juliet Eilperin's take on the current status of shark conservation.

It was a good piece, and Richards thoughts on the article go deeper into the issue from a writer, filmmaker, and conservationist who has always seen all sides of complex issues and is able to distill these down to terrific blog posts.

"Commercial fishermen are pressuring politicians to interject loopholes into proposed legislation. And one common proposal is allowing the landing of whole sharks. Once thought of as a way to dissuade fishermen from taking sharks because of the value difference per pound between a whole shark and just its fins, I am now concerned that, with several species, even the taking of whole sharks may prove to be one shark too many. The populations of some sharks is that perilous."

RTSea complete post here.

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