Friday, August 10, 2012

Shark Week at 25 Thanks Brooke Runnette!

Brooke, we want that couch!
For those who do not know her she's the consummate insider at Discovery Networks with her hands firmly on the reigns of Shark Week.

She's executive producer Brooke Runnette, responsible for recent programming changes at the network that include building relationships with top tier shark conservation orgs.

At 25 Shark Week faces a series of programming challenges that few other programs face, the biggest being relevancy.

How many times can you spin shark teeth and blood and gore in the water and still stay fresh?

Fortunately over the past 25 years shark conservation has developed to a point where the messaging has coalesced (finally) and conservation groups have developed smart ideas, great outreach, and solid conservation programs.

In short a programmers dream offering fresh, relevant content to a 25 year programming dynasty that ultimate helps sharks by engaging a domestic audience of 30 million.

And that's what the 25th Anniversary of Shark Week is all about this year, along with a return to some of the kind of shark visuals that made Shark Week into the long lived juggernaut that it is today.

Point your televisions this Sunday to Shark Week. If the industry whispers are true this year will be the start of something amazing.

About that, at least we know the commercials will be amazing, stay tuned.

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