Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shark Week VW Commercial - Behind The Scenes

Yes, that's Luke Tipple driving the SOVW or as we knew her "Skittles," in the Bahamas a few months ago during the filming of the anchor commercial to Shark Week 2012.

Seen it yet?

From the same team who brought you last years anchor commercial with Gillette, comes a series of very cool design, build, deploy shark commercials that bend the world of underwater exploration.

Luke was not alone in this endeavor. Greg "Moondog Mooney," was in charge of the design and build phase and underwater dive safety and site layout. Scotty Grey basically held the dive operations together with all those extras that productions need,and has been an integral part of every shark production we have completed for the past 5 years. Johnny Friday and his entire team shot this commercial in RED.

Kudos to the Bahamas Film Commission and Donna Mackey who once again smoothed the way for Bahamas film magic and to the Old Bahama Bay Hotel for providing the entire crew great accommodations. 

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